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Attenti Group Ltd. (Acquired by 3M at October 2010) engages in the research, development, production, and marketing of electronic monitoring systems with a focus on people-related applications. The company specializes in remote personal monitoring solutions for the law enforcement and correction, security, and elderly care markets.

Its systems comprise Personal Tag, an external body-worn device equipped with data-collection units and built-in computing and radio frequency communication capabilities, which transfers data to a local monitoring unit; Local Monitoring Unit, a mini control-unit, which collects, analyzes and acts on information coming from Personal Tags; Area Monitoring Units, which is a wireless network of data receiving units that communicates information to a monitoring center; and Monitoring Center Application, an advanced database servers and monitoring software program that collect information from the local monitoring units for further analysis and handling.

Attenti Group Ltd. offers its products primarily to government administrations, private sector security companies, and long-term care facilities operators worldwide. The company was founded in 1990 and is based in Tel Aviv, Israel



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