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AIDA Centre

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AIDA Centre, S.L. provides radio frequency identification solutions. It offers conveyor belt identity locators for the identification of items placed on moving assembly lines and conveyor belts; loading bay identity locators for the identification of RFID-tagged products, boxes, or pallets entering and exiting docking doors at loading bays; and mobile inventory identity locators for the identification of RFID-tagged items in warehouses and stores.

The company provides pallet wrapper identity locators for the automatic identification of RFID-tagged goods placed on wrapped pallets; vehicle content identity locators for knowing the content and its state in transportation vehicles in the distribution chain; and warehouse tracepoint identity locator, an RFID portal for the identification of tagged items passing trace points in an establishment.

It also provides consultancy, project design, technological development, systems integration, trial, set-up, technical support, training, and maintenance services for implementing RFID systems, as well as designs and manufactures custom antennas for various RFID applications. The company’s products are used in warehouses, retail stores, automotive and food industries, and health sector. AIDA Centre, S.L. was founded in 2004 and is based in Barcelona, Spain.



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