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ING. Libor Hofmann

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Our company was established in 2003 in Brno, a city in The Czech Republic. Our mission is to develop and manufacture HF and mainly UHF RFID tags , in order to meet the specific requirements of our customers.
From 2010 we are Member of Impinj Global Partner Network.

We do not produce RFID readers, we do not work as RFID integrator our focus are only tags and support to RFID companies that are in the first line.
Our production range cover about 50 variants of HF and UHF tags.

For example:

HF RFID tag up to 200°C
UHF RFID tag up to 300°C/45 minutes in one cycle
UHF RFID on metal label with 1mm thickness
UHF RFID flexible laundry tag
UHF RFID tag for monitoring woods
UHF RFID label on metal
UHF RFID BAP wristbands
UHF RFID tilt sensor

Now we are preparing for market UHF RFID hospital wristband, the new solution allow place UHF tag very close to body ( 1mm).



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