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ODIN is the only world-wide RFID company that has more than 500 successful RFID projects under its belt and over $50 million of R&D invested in a patented RFID-specific software. ODIN guarantees 99.9% accuracy, high scalability and easy integration into back-end systems.

ODIN is headquartered near Washington, DC with offices in Boston, MA, Budapest, HU, Dublin, IRL and full-time resources in Toulouse, France and Geneva, Switzerland. We can serve clients globally like no other RFID company. ODIN has deployed the largest and most sophisticated RFID systems in the world. We provide our customers with easy to adapt solutions that have gone up the most stringent learning curve possible. ODIN and Dr. Engels started out with the first trials for Walmart, completed the largest deployment for the DoD and have done most of the major healthcare innovations including a unique partnership with a world's leading clinic.

In December 2010, ODIN acquired Reva Systems, a leading RFID software provider.



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