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OMRON Corporation manufactures automation components, equipment, and systems with computer, communications, and control technologies worldwide. It operates in five segments: Industrial Automation, Electronic Components, Automotive Electronic Components, Social Systems Solutions, and Healthcare. The Industrial Automation segment manufactures control equipment, motion controllers, sensors, advanced sensors, switches, relays, other control devices, and inspection systems.

The Electronic Components segment provides electronic products, such as relays, sensors, switches, and connectors used in household appliances, automobiles, office equipment, mobile devices, and information equipment. The Automotive Electronic Components segment manufactures automotive devices, including keyless entry systems, power window switches, various automotive relays, electric power steering controllers, detection switches, multiplex controllers, power seat switches, buckle switches, laser radar devices, sensors, and other electronic components.

The Social Systems Solutions segment offers public transportation systems, such as automated ticket venders, automated passenger gates, automated fare adjustment systems, and computer ticket issuing machines; traffic and road management systems, including vehicle information and communication systems, travel time measurement systems, and public transportation priority systems; and security systems comprising face recognition and card gate systems. The Healthcare segment provides digital blood pressure monitors, digital thermometers, electronic pulse massagers, chair massagers, pedometers, body-fat analyzers, fitness equipment, nebulizers, and health promotion programs. In addition, the company offers personal computer peripherals, card readers, room access control systems, RFID tags, photo-sticker vending machines, and speech recognition and voice authentication systems. OMRON was founded by Kazuma Tateisi in 1933 and is headquartered in Kyoto, Japan.



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