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"RTL-Service" LLC. was founded in 2009 as part of an investment project to build a system capable to provide:

  • leverage guest services to a new generation in the hotel business and
  • new monitoring tools and personnel management

The novelty is achieved by:

  • application of location technology of mobile objects without the use of satellites as well as
  • availability of built-in functions and voice and coordinates to the server.

Created the original product - a system of local positioning and voice TalkLoc - uses nanoNET TM and nanoLOC TM (IEEE 802.15.4a).

Today the company produces an active commercialization of the project, and further developing, able to be used in different areas: hospitals, prisons, secure sites, industrial plants, large construction, airport - where you want to monitor the location of personnel or equipment indoors and outdoors.

Contact information: «RTL-Service» LLC.

Postal address:

117574, bld. 7, 3, Odoevskogo lane, Moscow

Office location:

1. 117218, office 502, bld. 1, 15, Krzhizhanovskogo st., Moscow, Russia

2. P.O. Box 1654, Parker CO 80134 USA

Web sites:



info at rtlservice.ru


Russia, Moscow: +7 495 979-80-29, +7 495 971-77-39
USA: +1 720 440-3545


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