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SkyeTek delivers a turn-key application that enables real-time management of field-based inventory and resources. This capability allows manufacturers and service providers to track the movement of inventory, assets, and workers in real-time from the factory, through the field, and ultimately to the customer site enabling significant increases in revenue, efficiency, productivity, and compliance. 

Since its inception, SkyeTek has enabled customers to manage processes at the edge of the enterprise through the use of RFID. The cornerstone of this strategy, MetaFi is a purpose-built RFID-enabled application focused on increasing sales chain revenue and efficiencies by empowering: 

* Consumer goods manufacturers to augment direct-to-store delivery (DSD) operations. 
* Industrial goods manufacturers to improve the efficiency of their vendor-managed inventory (VMI) initiatives. 
* Medical device manufacturers to optimize consignment and loaner processes used at hospitals. 
* Service providers to improve field productivity and service level agreement (SLA) attainment. 

While much of the attention in the RFID market has focused on the cost savings from supply chain optimization, SkyeTek concentrates on leveraging RFID, web services and wireless technologies to deliver increased revenue and operational efficiencies through sales chain optimization. The increased visibility gained by the collection and analysis of accurate, real-time data collected from mobile field representatives and remotely located fixed readers and ‘smart-containers’ allows MetaFi customers to benefit from fewer out-of-stocks, higher inventory turns, increased sales productivity, faster invoice-to-cash cycles, and proactive removal of expired or defective products.



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