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Vizbee develops and markets the industry's first fully parameter driven Real-Time RFID comprehensive solutions for tracking and protecting assets and people. Specific applications are available for a number of niche industries, including healthcare (patient and hospital asset tracking), museums, industrial parking, and warehouse management,

Vizbee's applications are flexible, able to be integrated with most of today's leading RFID hardware technologies as well as GPS/GPRS/GSM.

Vizbee's open architecture, evolutionary and scalable generic platform is the ideal solution for integrators and distributors deploying RTLS systems in any type of organization.

Multiple Vizbee applications can work simultaneously and interactively on a Vizbee system - for a fraction of the cost of proprietary, closed systems.

Established in 2007 by seasoned professionals in IT deployment, user interface design and global business development, Vizbee has alliances with all the leading RFID tag manufacturers, system integrators, chipset designers and distributors.

The company maintains headquarters in Paris with development and field offices around the world.