Orlando, FL

The International IEEE Conference on RFID addresses key topics and issues related to RF-based identification and communication systems, and will feature keynotes, presentations on technology advances and panel discussions on pressing topics. IEEE RFID is the annual conference that brings together researchers and practitioners from both academia and industry to share research results and knowledge in the areas of RFID technologies, their supporting large-scale distributed information systems and their applications. Antennas & Propagation: Antenna theory and designs, channel measurements and modeling Circuits, Devices & Sensors: Low-power circuit designs, integrated sensors, energy harvesting, non-silicon-based structures Communication Protocols: Coding, modulation and medium access schemes Security & Privacy: Cryptographic protocols and privacy-enhancing techniques System Tools: Tools for the design, deployment and evaluation of RFID systems RF-based Localization: Novel system approaches, technologies and algorithms RFID System Architecture: "RFID middleware", large-scale discovery services Policy & Regulatory Issues: Spectral management, privacy issues, co-existence of RFID systems, social implications of RFID technology Deployment Issues & Concerns: EMC compatibility, tag recycling, issues in patient safety Applications: Reports on the introduction and operational experience of RFID applications.

Apr 12 to 14 2011, 12:00am - 11:00pm


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