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AeroScout adds hand hygiene monitoring solutions for health care

AeroScout revealed a new hand hygiene compliance monitoring solution designed specifically to help hospitals improve patient safety and regulatory compliance.

The solution leverages AeroScout’s RFID technology integrated with SMARTLINK series dispensers from GOJO Industries, and enables health care organizations to monitor if, when and where staff members are sanitizing their hands with either soap and water or with waterless PURELL gel.

AeroScout Wi-Fi tags worn by caregivers are read by AeroScout Exciters embedded in GOJO SMARTLINK series dispensers, which report to the AeroScout MobileView Hand Hygiene application.

As a caregiver enters or leaves a patient room and dispenses soap or gel, the tag worn by the caregiver sends a message identifying the caregiver, signaling the activation of the dispenser and recording the time and location. Standard reports enable managers and infection control experts to monitor and manage hand hygiene compliance, which can be used to identify current compliance rates and also to target opportunities for hand hygiene process improvement efforts.

Source: rfidnews.org




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