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Nano XL, new rugged high memory RFID tags for metal from Xerafy

Xerafy has recently released the Nano XL, new rugged high memory RFID tags for metal.

The Nano XL are small form factor, UHF on metal RFID tags which offer large user memory (up to 8K) and extreme resistance to harshest environments. They are high-end RFID tags for aerospace and defense, oil and gas, manufacturing and process industries.

xerafy nano in xl

Specifically designed to provide reliable reads when flush mounted inside metal surfaces, the Nano-iN XL are small UHF RFID tags which deliver extensive user memory (up to 8K) and a rugged IP68 encasement for tracking of metal parts in many heavy industries such as oil and gas, aerospace and defense, automotive and maritime.

The large user memory of these EPC Gen 2 RFID tags allows storing of large amounts of information, easy information sharing across organizations and simplification of deployment without the need for complex IT integration.

Both the Nano XL and the Nano-iN XL are available in FCC (US) and ETSI (EU) versions.

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