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APT Skidata releases RFID vehicle access control system

APT Skidata unveiled a long range RFID tag and reader combination for applications in vehicle identification and access control.

The passive RFID tag requires no batteries and is attached to the window of the car. As the car approaches the tag is read by the reader. It is reader from a range of up to 10 meters, allowing ample time for the barrier to detect and open for any oncoming vehicle.

The hands free solution allows drivers to convenient access parking facilities without the need to wave or press a card against a reader. The tag can additionally be configured to limit user access to specific times or days of the week, and can even be integrated with e-ticketing solutions.

The APT Skidata RFID solution is designed for parking and vehicle identification applications in areas such as shopping centers, airports, theme parks and city center car parks.

Story: http://rfidnews.org




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