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Auchan Group streamlines supply chain with help from Orange Business Services

Orange Business Services is working together with Auchan Group, the international food retail group, to offer a real-time tracking solution to monitor the routing of plastic creates which carry fruits and vegetables in its French supermarkets.

Using plastic crates with RFID chips, Auchan will track its produce throughout the distribution chain, from the truck farm to the logistics platform, in the stores and through the washing station.

The Orange platform application also enables 24-hour access through a secure Web interface, allowing both Auchan and the plastic crate renter to the entire route of the containers in real time - to anticipate any immobilization or loss.

In addition to optimizing the logistics chain this solution enables greater security for the warehouse employees, reducing accidental risk connected with handling wooden crates, reduced crate loss, reduced waste by reusing plastic RFID containers, and decreased carbon emissions.

Story: http://rfidnews.org




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