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Looking in the mirror

INVENT client company RFID Technologies has developed the Gesaky Interactive Mirror, which interactively displays information on the garment you’re wearing when you stand in front of it in a store.

Based on radio frequency identification technology, the mirror provides the retailer with daily analytics on customers’ shopping habits and the movements of particular garments. Alan Kearney set up the business
further to coming up with the idea while investigating technology to make buildings more energy efficient.

“My original reason for locating at Invent was because of its sensor technology in the labs because I was looking at energy efficiency. This morphed into something different and Invent was 100pc supportive, helping me to get my technology commercially ready,” he says.

“I’ve talked to experts about patents and tax and met with other people going through the same process as we are but at different levels. For example, we were looking at the Russian market and were able to talk to another start-up about their experiences there.”

Now a working prototype, the Gesaky Interactive Mirror is currently being demonstrated in IBM’s ‘Shop of the Future’ in the UK, where Kearney is investigating raising finance.

Story: Irish Independent




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