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TAGSYS, ICM Airport Technics streamlines baggage check for int'l flights

TAGSYS and ICM Airport Technics have inked a deal together to produce and supply end-to-end bag drop systems for the aviation industry, now implemented at all Qantas Hubs in Australia.

The solution includes RFID ultra-high frequency Gen 2 permanent bag tags provided by TAGSYS, optimized by the ICM Self-Service Bag Drop system to enable fast bag drop off for international flights.

The ICM Self-Service Bag Drop includes a touch screen monitor and weigh-scale conveyor that allows passengers to check their own baggage and pay additional fees if their luggage exceeds airline weight limitations. The system then activates the reusable permanent bag tag, and the bag is sent to the baggage handling system to be sorted.

The reusable tag stores details of up to four flights, and can be reprogrammed for future flights. The system not only improves accuracy by the speed of passenger processing at the gate, which in turn improves travelers’ experience.

For international airports without an RFID infrastructure, the tag will also offer a small electronic-paper-based display providing visual data such as flight number, owner name and possibly a bar code.

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