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EarthSearch delivers LogiBoxx solution for oil tanker monitoring in Tanzania

EarthSearch announced order delivery of the LogiBoxx real-time management solution to iFleet for monitoring of oil tankers in the nation of Tanzania.

EarthSearch’s LogiBoxx paired with its RFSeal locks, are used to secure the tank dispenser and monitor the removal of oil content from the tanker. The LogiBoxx communicates wirelessly with the RFSeal to determine and validate location where oil is being dispensed.

The system can be used to determine the type of oil or gas that is being dispensed and at what destination, to validate product delivery to correct gas or pump stations. The LogiBoxx uses GSM and 3G technologies to communicate data to the end user and security centers while using radio frequency to communicate with the RFSeal lock installed on the tanker.

EarthSearch’s LogiBoxx solution enables real-time management of individual assets by wireless communicating with passive RFID readers, LogiBoxx Certified active RFID tags and proprietary radio frequency seals locks.

Source: rfidnews.org




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