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GlobalTag introduces a rich tags portfolio

Global Tag, a dynamic company focused on tag/transponders, debuts on the worldwide scenario of RFID technology with two noteworthy features, a rich catalog of products and worldview.

News in RFID field with the entry of Global Tag player, whose naming shows its clear mission: cover with a detailed set of transponders all the different market’s niches where RFID is develop throughout all over the world from standard inlay to customized solutions.

Brescia – Italy, 8th December 2011

Since today, the “global” view of Radio frequency identification (RFID) has a new player: the spotlights are turned towards Global Tag, the dynamic company focused on the design and realization of passive type tag transponder. The brochure of Global Tag is full bodied and various, with more than two hundred products, divided in three different frequencies LF (125 kHz), HF (13,56MHz) and UHF (860-960MHz) to give a proper solution to the several RFID’s applications from plants and flower identification to marathon, from logistic to ticketing and fidelity sector, from process to industrial automation, from edutainment to hospitality.

Global Tag has its mission: high quality of used materials and check during mass production and post production by qualified engineer giving a value-added services.

Global Tag pays special attention to its skill of design and realization of customized transponders, regarding shape and chip’s technological choice; graphical personalization and various printing options (like offset printing, bar code, serial code, magstripe), the realization of transparent and coloured plastics for particular chromatic effects are some of value-added services in order to help the most demanding implementations.

One of the new entry into the catalog of Global Tag that stands out is Tag Hercule RFID UHF High Performance Alien Higgs3 used for the identification of municipal garbage bin and pallets: this kind of transponder built with an hardy and waterproof plastic case with IP67 protection’s class, allows its use both indoor or outdoor, while two holes guarantee a quickly installation on any surface (except for metal surface).

Another distinctive feature of Global Tag which is also its operational key, is its multilingual website www.global-tag.com filled in with technical specifications, photos and commercial information with the aim of making the choice of the correct transponder easily, user-friendly assisting with methods and paths. Structured to look like a real catalog, this website allows to find a tag starting from some search parameters: frequency, category and type.

Ambitious the business model that provides a 360° coverage of world market, from Europe to United State, first markets, to reach emerging markets, like Africa and south America: “global” is here to be understood both in geographical sense and in different market’s applications.

Therefore, a global book of products for a global view of RFID business.




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