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Texas Instruments announces RFID mini-transponders for animal and asset tracking

Texas Instruments (TI) introduced a pair of encapsulated RFID mini-transponders designed for applications in animal tagging and asset tracking.

The 12mm TRPGR30TGC and TRPGP40TGC mini-transponders were developed to enable users a battery-free solution for embedding RFID tags into smaller objects across a broader range of applications. These transponders come ready-to-use and are 100 percent backwards compatible with all of TI’s RFID software and readers including power modules, control modules and micro readers.

The TRPGP30TGC comes pre-programmed for industrial applications and asset tracking including tools, medical instruments, packages and inventory tracking. The TRPGP40TGC mini-transponders can be programmed by users according to ISO 11784 / 11785 global livestock ID standards and are safe for applications such as fish, livestock tracking and pet identification.

With a read range up to 20 inches, the mini-transponders are durable and are expected to work for up to 30 years.




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