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Identec improves production at Volkswagen plant in Bratislava

Identec Solutions has implemented a real-time location (RTLS) system that automatically tracks automobiles at Volkswagen’s Bratislava production plant. The SensorSMART platform is a multifunctional, modular wireless system that combines RFID, RTLS and wireless sensing technologies for the real-time monitoring and tracking of a wide range of objects and personnel.

Each vehicle is fitted with an IDENTEC SOLUTIONS’ location sensor equipped with a unique identification that broadcasts positioning data that can be read with a manual, hand-held reader unit or a remotely controlled van equipped with a reading station.

Improving Volkswagen’s previous bar code identification process, the SensorSMART platform keeps track of vehicles in real-time, thus vehicles can move more efficiently through the final production stages to completion.

In addition, the real-time solution enables efficient deployment of equipment and personnel, thereby improving resource coordination during Volkswagen’s end-to-end production process.

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