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AeroScout and McRoberts Security unveil Wi-Fi RTLS, infant security solution

AeroScout and McRoberts Security Technologies have jointly developed a Wi-Fi-based, campus-wide infant security solution designed to help protect newborns from possible abduction during their hospital stays.

The real-time location system (RTLS) works with a hospita’ls standard Wi-Fi network and AeroScout Wi-Fi tags to deliver protection and the location of infants anywhere in the hospital - to help put families and staff at ease.

The patented Umbilical Cord Infant Tag attaches to a newborn’s umbilical cord clamp. Infants are monitored 100% of the time and can be quickly located, even during transport, transfer and treatment in ancillary departments.

If anyone attempts to leave the monitored area with a protected child without authorization, the system will set off an alarm, activate magnetic door locks and hold specified elevators. The solution can be integrated with security and access control systems, such as card access, video surveillance, public address systems and pagers.

Organizations can also utilize this RTLS platform to launch other applications, including asset tracking, temperature management, and hand hygiene monitoring - offering additional improvements in efficiency, safety and care.

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