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Impinj simplifies EPC management for retail brand owners

Impinj introduced Monza Self-Serialization, a chip-based EPC serialization method supported on ultra-high frequency RFID inlays powered by the Monza 5 tag chip.

Monza Self-Serialization generates a unique Serialized Global Trade Item Number (SGTIN) directly from each tag chip. This chip-based serialization simplifies EPC serial number management, giving retail brand owners the flexibility to decide when, where and how they manage the item-level tagging process across their supply chain.

Traditional item-level tagging requires the integration of complex serial number management systems for the coordination, distribution and synchronization of serial numbers across their entire global supply chain, including internal manufacturing locations, distribution centers and third party contract manufacturers.

Impinj Monza Self-Serialization enables scalable, reliable item-level tagging, and addresses many of the challenges faced by brand owners as they scale up source tagging operations to meet the growing number of retail-level RFID initiatives.

In addition, Monza Self-Serialization allows RFID printer encoders and encoding solutions based on the Impinj STP source tagging platform to construct the unique SGTIN under the hood, using existing IT-based barcode and variable data management business processes.

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