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Rusnano's project launches manufacturing of RFID tags new generation

March 30, 2012 RUSNANO's project company "RST-Invent" launched its RFID tags (Radio Frequency Identification). At the first stage, the company launched a family of labels, tags, iNano, which includes BiblioTag, LogTag and DrugTag.

DrugTag is optimized for labeling of drugs in glass containers. Antenna design enables an confident writing in the near and far distances while tagging of medical dry mixtures and reliable reading of the label in the near field (up to 30 cm) while tagging of liquid solutions.

BiblioTag is intended to delivery the tagging into the library collections and archives. This label, as well as LogTag, can also be used for tagging of items in logistics and supply chain management.

Because of the original designs of antennas with high gain, these tags can read and write information over long distances.

By the end of this year, "RST-Invent" plans to ship 10 million RFID tags of iNano,'s family and by the end of 2013 to double manufacturing capacity.

The main applications of new tags of the project company will remain warehouse and transportation logistics, retail, tagging of libraries and archival collections, supply chain management. The Russian origin of the chips is also significantly simplify their use in the public sector, including law enforcement agencies.

According to specialists of the company, the development and launch of production of domestic new-generation chips will "RST-Invent" within the next 3-5 years to take a significant share of the domestic market as RFID tags have high performance themselves and because of their lower cost of the domestic market.

The total project budget is 630 million rubles, including investment by RUSNANO in the amount of 190 million rubles. In addition to the iNano's family of RFID tags, the company also produces a versatile passive PatchTag RFID tags, which are among the leaders in the range of registration.

Story: http://www.nanonewsnet.ru




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