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Vendors demonstrate their interest in Russian market on Detem’s conference

Two weeks ago Detem the distributing company held a seminar in Moscow for its partners and invited about ten companies across the country engaging them to cooperate. Among the vendors were Impinj which always referred to one of top-four largest RFID companies globally, MTI the Israeli antennas manufacturer and TheTagFactory the Indian company offered a whole range RFID tags portfolio including rugged tags.

The interest from vendors side demonstrate that companies are very interested in local market which seems very promising although there are just a few number of projects were announced. Interview among the integrators shows that large companies have around 2-3 projects deployed and one or two projects in development. That means that companies working on getting an experience as a preparation for widely deployments.

One day before the conference Impinj held a half day technical training for technical staff convincing them in the reliability and flexibility of hardware supplied – RFID antennas, readers and combo solutions. Till the end of the year Impinj also is expected to introduce a solution for retail allowing them to make an accurate inventory across the store. The solution is already demands by local retailers – an apparel and footwear retail companies.

There are just a few problems on my mind still preventing for mass deployments – the lack of communication between the professionals and a gap in ROI calculation of implementation due relatively a small number of projects introduced.




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