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Digital Angel launches global pocket reader series for animal ID

Digital Angel Corp. announced that its subsidiary Destron Fearing would soon launch a new global pocket reader series. The series consist of two durable and flexible RFID readers - the Pocket Reader and Pocket Reader EX - designed for companion animal veterinary practices, pet rescue shelters and low-volume manual scanning operations.

Both models have the ability to scan Bio-Thermo technology enabled microchips, providing body temperature readings quickly and conveniently, and read all ISO-compliant

microchips/tags technologies (11784/11785), including Avid encrypted transponders, DataMars, Trovan and HDX transponders. The Pocket Reader reads at a range of up to 3” and the Pocket Reader EX reads at a range of up to 4”.

Each reader also features a communication port for custom applications, with an external serial device attachment for data logging, and the ability to transmit information to a computer via cable connections.

Both readers can also store up to 2,048 tag IDs when the memory function is enabled and can operate for up to eight hours or capture up to 10,000 scans when powered by four AA or AAA batteries.

Source: http://www.rfidnews.org




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