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«Russian Post» going to RFID

The plans for the deployment RFID mail tagging (allow to quick sorting of the mail, to accurately track its delivery, etc.) were introduced to Vedomosti by the representative of the Russian Post. According to him, the state corporation Rusnano will be teamed the project and her representative has confirmed that.

The project will be on the trial till the end of 2011 - RFID tags will be attached to all parcels handled by EMS (Express Mail Service), division of Russian Post. In 2012-2013 they will tag all deliveries - from boxes and bags to containers as well as registered letters and parcels. Also in the 2014 Russian Post will consider RFID tagging of all mail deliveries, said a company representative. The amount of funding a pilot project could reach 50-60 million rubles. Now discussing the structure of its funding, a representative of Rusnano explains.

Russian Post plans to use Russian RFID tags. Such existing production at Sitronics (subsidiary of AFK «Systema»), which is ready to deliver RFID production to the "Russian" in case it will be ordered, Vice President of Sitronics Irina Lanina said. The deployment of RFID tags in the post offices she thinks a very timely step that will create a new market for domestic microelectronics. Sitronics working four years in the RFID market, producting 300 million transport cards and tags a year, said Lanina. But Sitronics may meet a competitor - design company of Rusnano - Galileo-Nanotech ", wich plans to product RFID tags in the near future. Now the average market price of the complete RFID tag is high - 18-20 rbl. and this holds the development of technology, said CEO of "Galileo-Nanotech" Andrey Krushynskiy. He promises to reduce the price to 5-8 rubles. And for the "Russian Post" Galileo-Nanotech "expects a price tag less than 3 rbl. Funding the pilot project, he said, the company is capable of itself.

According to the "Russian Post, in 2010 it delivered three million express shipments. But first RFID tags will not be attached to the parcels and letters, but will be attached to 80,000 containers for deliveries. Theoretically, in the early stages of the project, suppliers of ICs can earn up to 9 million rubles - assesses President of Association of Distance Trade Alexander Ivanov. And if it comes to letters, the amount will increase by orders of magnitude: annually Russian Post sends letters only to Russia, about 1.43 billion pcs, ie, the purchase of RFID tags could reach 4.29 billion rubles (150 mln USA dollars) indicates Ivanov.

One of the largest express carrier in the world - Deutsche Post DHL has developed about 50 projects related to radio frequency identification items, and already offers its customers solutions based on RFID, says director of IT DHL Express in the CIS and South-Eastern Europe Gennady Stolyarov. But the Russian division of DHL have not implemented this technology, he said.

Source: http://www.vedomosti.ru/




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