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At the beggining of the week Russian President Dmitry Medvedev charged the government to deploy the Universal Electronic Card of Russian Citizen (UEC) – the future primary license based on foreign IC. What does it mean?

All shipment of foreign ICs in quantity of 200 mln pcs. as minimum, state order for production of 200 mln. cards, also competitions for deployment of an apropriate IT-infrastructure. Total project budget estimates as 200-300 bln. rubles (7-10 bln. US dollars).

Russian Post going to deploy RFID system. The trial budget is 50-60 mln. rubles ( 1.5 - 2 mln. US dollars) are going to implement two russian competitors controlled by state corporation Rusnano - «Sitronics»  (owned by AFK Systema) and «Galileo Nanotech». Rusnano has confirmed its intention.

Right after publication this article Sitronics has announced that ships RFID tickets for Istanbul's ground transportation system, accenting its experience in RFID related products manufacturing. Galileo Nanotech actually under construction it own facility in Moscow region. Alexander Ivanov, president of Russian Association of Distant Trade estimates following after that purchase RFID tags by Russian Post of 4.29 bln of rubles (150 mln US dollars).

But no one took into account that Russian Post controlling more that 42000 post offices across the country does not have an internet infrastructure in a third of them. Also it needed an equipment for sorting centers, probably for rail road stations, aeroports. And it is obligatory to develop a new software to handle a proper data and communicate to its back-end system. The most important issue – they forgot the basic of RFID that it is just track and tracing tool not a problem solving tool...




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