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Emercom's Medical Center has protected its own patients data

The company “Gasinformservice” has finished integration of complex protection system of the information in Federal agency of public health “All-Russian centre of emergency and radiation medicine named after А. М. Nikiforov” of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia (EMERCOM). Project implementation allowed clinic to provide required level of security at work in hospital information system and to organise management of legal-significant document circulation, is said in the message of “Gasinformservice”.

All-Russian centre of emergency and radiation medicine named after А. М. Nikiforov Ministry of Emergencies of Russia (VCERM) renders medical aid injured from radiating influences, in technogenic accidents and acts of nature. Information of all medical-diagnostic work of the centre are concentrated in complex hospital information system. Given system is based on use of patients' electronic medical cards , in which all history of their illness and treatment is reflected, results of researches are stored. For maintenance of reliable protection of confidential information and personal given patients in hospital system decision of launch of complex project to information safety was accepted.

Before VCERM faced to following problems: to provide authentication of the employees of the VCERM in hospital system, including the chiefs of various level, attending physicians, laboratorians and attendants; to create control and monitoring system of access to information resources; to protect medical and personal data stored, including, on mobile workspaces of doctors-experts according to requirements of Russian legislation; to organise management of legal-significant electronic document circulation.

The project integrator became the company “Gasinformservice” which supposed to the customer optimum technological approach and quick terms of implementation. During performance of works company specialists deployed a uniform corporate infrastructure of open keys in the clinic (Public Key Infrastructure, PKI) based on their own certifying centre “Gasinformservice” accredited for rendering services in interests of the state information systems. For authentication of the employees of the clinic in hospital system certificated smart-cards eToken PRO with built-in RFID-tags were introduced. The given protected arrangements are used in the VCERM for storage of private keys of digital signature, needed for management of legal-significant document circulation. As well the smart-cards are applied as corporate pass for entrance to medical institution territory. For protection of personal data certificated decisions of the family Secret Disk of the company “Aladdin R. D." are introduced enabling to prevent non-authorised access to confidential information even with server steal, noted in “Gasinformservice”.

Timeframe of realization of the project has made 6 months. “Treatment efficiency depends on accuracy of delivered diagnosis and quality of selected treatment. The life of the patient at times depends on volume of the diagnostic information and speed of its reception by the doctor. Use of electronic medical records allowed us to speed up transmission of information between departments, to order access to the case records, to improve quality of our service. Wide use of electronic medical records forced us seriously to suit to the question of protection of the information, said Mr. Mikhail Bakhtin, the advisor of the director of the VCERM on medical information technologies. - Due to complex approach to safety assurance successfully realised by our partner “Gasinformservice”, we solved the task which is very important for us - observance of all necessary legislative requirements on protection of personal given patients and preservation of medical confidentiality. It means that our patients can trust to full extent us the most personal information - one's health “. Source: Cnews.ru




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