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DAILY introduces child loss prevention RFID system

DAILY RFID released a new compact RFID Anti-Losing Kit designed for loss prevention with children. Using low power active RFID technology, the system enables parents and child care staff to monitor kids’ locations and ensure that they are within the designated “safe range.”

Each RFID Anti-Losing Kit includes a transmitter tag in key chain form and a receiver tag in wristband form. Simply attach the receiver wristband tag to the child and set the safe range. The safe range can be adjusted to anywhere from 1 meter up to 25 meters.

When the receiver tag is out of the designated safe range, the transmitter will alarm the owner. The receiver cannot be removed from the child by anyone without the correct key. It can be used in a wide range of applications such as theme parks, music concerts or anywhere a child should be kept nearby to avoid loss.

Constructed of ABS plastic material housing, the device is both waterproof and dustproof. The RFID receiver tag can be also customized so that it can be attached to other personal belongings such as a mobile device, wallet, or luggage.




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