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IT Company introduces RFID Inventory System for hospitality industry

IT Company introduces automated inventory (AI) System for the hospitality industry.

One of the major challenges hotel owners to face - is asset accounting.

It is common when a guest checks out, the hotel looses some certain property, which can accidentally or deliberately taken away by its guest. And taking into account the number of guests and items took by new owners, it becomes clear to see the scale of the task of accounting for assets the hotel staff is facing.


Below is a short list of things that are most often "lost" by the hotel:

  • towels, bathrobes
  • bed linen
  • household and electrical equipment (telephones, tv sets, DVD-players, hairdryers, kettles, etc.)
  • kitchenware
  • interior (including arts)

The guests use all these items of civilization while live in a hotel. But as soon as the guest leaves the hotel, we have to make sure that the property have returned to the hotel. Until now, the task ran by maids. But maids are people and they are able to make a faults also, so mistakes in this case are common.

Among the main causes of errors in assets accounting are the following

  • Tired maid.
  • This number is not run by a maid and she can not know for sure what exactly should be in the room.
  • On the guest leaving the hotel may not have an available maid and room remains unchecked.

All these factors lead to the fact that the hotel has to regularly spend its own money to purchase replenishment of the lost inventory.

In order to avoid similar situations that may lead to loss of property must be done regularly:

  • thoroughly and accurately check to ensure the safety of property.
  • quickly to check the results were known before the guest check-in and finally check out.
  • control while the guest is unawared, so as not to embarrass his suspicion of theft intent.

Therefore, the company "IT. Smart Systems" has developed a solution for automatic identification (" IT-AI "), which allows to organize the inventory for the following:

  • Hotels / Mini-hotels
  • motels / resorts / holiday homes
  • Guest Houses, etc.

Solution developed by IT uses radiofrequency identification (RFID).

The "IT-AI" system based on RFID technology which is a modern, multi-functional, but easy to use solution to automate the entire process of hotel property inventory and make it operational and accurate. For this purpose all property tagged using RFID tags that are used as an electronic identifiers of items.

Using RFID when a guest checks out the room visits by an employee (maid), equipped with a mobile terminal for data collection, which gathers all information about the presence of room's assets. This process does not require any special knowledge and skills: it is enough for each room to  press the read button and move device from side to side several times. hotels4Since the detection and reading of tags doesn't require a line of sight, the data collection will not take more than a couple of minutes (usually a single room reading takes about 30 seconds). Using terminal's software, the result during the scanning is displayed on the screen and an employee see what items have been found in the room in real time. After completing the data collection report is immediately transferred thru the WiFi network to administrator's computer, which placed at the front desk.

The process of data collecting on the availability of the property can be fully automated and performed without the participation of the staff. In this case, each room equipped with fixed RFID antennas. At guest's check out administrator simply clicks on the button built in PC software, and after a few seconds see the result generated by the inventory.

The important point is that RFID tags supplied by "IT. Smart Systems' are self-destructive and this means that when you try to peel a label integrity is violated, and at follow-up audit it will not be identified. Thus it is not simply divide the item and a tag - missing items will be found.

If the room check (regardless of whether automatic or carried out by staff) identified the lack of inventory in the room, it immediately becomes aware the administrator in charge cost of missing items to the guest. Under normal circumstances, the hotel staff gets into delicate situation. The staff have to ask a person suspected in theft to open the luggage and allow him to check the items inside, of cource the guest may not agree with it.

Introduction of "IT-AI" based on RFID technology will cut out all the unpleasant moments. Distance of tags reading could be several meters, which means that it does not require to open the suitcase. In the hotel lobby or at the front desk you can install the antenna, which will scan the room and discover the loss by a request from the PC . There is another way to prevent theft, if you suspect that the guest has "mistakenly" packed hotel's items the administrator uses the mobile data collection terminal for checking the luggage. The result of this procedure will be immediately visible on the device display - such an argument would be enough to return the property to the rightful owner.

The System "IT-AI" allows to:

  • primary accounting of hotel property (including the registration of new items), to pre-program the tags for accounting of items
  • inventory (planned / unplanned) using mobile terminals and / or stationary antennas, control of availability, relocation and items history records, the identification of surpluses and shortages
    • processing of the accounting and inventory of property hotels (fixed assets and inventories, which are in use):
    • building inventory reports for control (records / fact)
    • providing of the final inventory report: of surplus, the deficit, the scanned objects
    • automatic update of data inventory results
  • management of items accounting information (including sets of items and quantitative records):
    • maintenance of database (property, hotel employees, etc.)
    • establishment of new facilities / commissioning / use tracking, decommissioning / cancellation
    • keeping the history of displacement, role change of responsible persons, etc.
  • full synchronization with the customer's accounting system
  • providing of consolidated accounts:
  • construction of analytical reports on the status of the property, its location, responsible persons
  • generating reports using rendered floor plans

The add-on "IT-maintenance" provides the schedule of maintenance and repair facilities operated by: applying the equipment maintenance, keeping information of the guarantee, planned, unplanned repairs, replacement units, spare parts and consumables

The System "IT-AI" makes benefits because of:

  • reduce material costs of property purchases for a hotel
  • simplify the inventory (planned / unplanned) of the property the hotel (of fixed assets and inventories, which are in use)
  • significantly reduce the time of the inventory (planned / unplanned)
  • achieving full transparency in property accounting operations
  • reduce the number of errors in reconciliation of inventory results (planned / unplanned)

IT company's Solutions becomes effective, by:

  • Solid experience working with large companies and understanding their specific activities
  • compliance with all accepted at the customer's business processes and procedures, individual approach to each customer and project
  • provide the full range of services by a single supplier
  • seamless integration of RFID systems with a variety of hotel management system
  • providing a full package of consulting services in the area of RFID technology
  • high functionality and performance of RFID systems with the possibility of flexible adjustment
  • scalable solutions

Introduction of "IT-AI" based on the RFID technology allows hotels to quickly carry out a complete and accurate inventory of items of consideration, one result of which is a sharp decline in "natural loss" of property.

Company's web-site: www.itrfid.ru




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