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During the last week there was a lot of announcements of alliances, partnerships and acquisitions, which is an indication of how active the market is forming. Of course, the main focus sweeping aside NFC, while showing how companies are looking the opportunities to get closer to the consumer.

The aim is to create a user-friendly, simple solution for the consumer in order to get his loyalty and help using their own system to carry out everyday purchases.
Now more about the events of last week.

RFID World

Tagsys has announced an alliance with Neopost ID for marking apparel items and create traceability throughout the supply chain.

Omni-ID and Extronics signed a partnership agreement that allows Extronics expand its range of solutions, using co-branding products Omni-ID solutions on the market for hazardous environments.

Continental Tire is using the Aeroscout RFID solution and Global Data Sciences inventory management system to improve the efficiency of production in the North American factory.

Badge2Match presents badges with RFID technology that allows visitors of various events to find business partners with the same interests. In the presence of similar interests in meeting people, badges light up the same color. Thus, we can more effectively conduct business receptions.

KeyTone Technologies and Collection Management System join forces to create a system based on RFID technology to secure track of fine arts and collectibles.

The exhibition RFID Journal LIVE 2011 shows the kiosks that allow participants to go into their accounts in Facebook with RFID badges, moreover, may be photographed in a specially designated for this stand and photos are automatically placed in an account on Facebook.

In Germany, this week held a meeting devoted to European expansion of the frequency spectrum available to RFID applications, complementing the frequency band 915-921 MHz.




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