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NXP Strengthens RFID Portfolio With Advanced UHF and HF Solutions

The market leader in RFID solutions announced its latest high-performance UHF and HF offerings, including the UCODE G2iM and G2iM+ ICs, which offer up to 640 bits of segmentable user memory.

The G2iM and G2iM+ are ideal for a wide range of high-memory applications for tags and labels, such as fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG); electronics; industrial production, assembly and quality control; electronic vehicle tagging, license plate tagging and windshield tagging; and production and spare part tagging in the automotive and aviation industries.

In addition, NXP introduced the high-speed ICODE ILT (Item Level Tag) smart label IC, which enables very fast, reliable item identification in dense tag populations -- as required, for example, in medical and pharmaceutical applications.

"The UCODE i-Series from NXP unlocks the full power of UHF. We now deliver a comprehensive high-performance portfolio ranging from the UCODE G2iL and G2iL+ for cost-sensitive, low memory, ultra-high-volume RFID applications -- most notably in fashion and apparel -- to the new UCODE G2iM and G2iM+, which offer enhanced memory and features for more sophisticated applications such as FMCG and electronic vehicle tagging," said Chris Feige, general manager, tagging and authentication product line, NXP Semiconductors. "When it comes to item-level tagging in pharmaceutical and healthcare applications, the ICODE ILT offers unprecedented performance in terms of very high read speeds even with dense tag populations. The new UCODE and ICODE products we've introduced this week have also been fully tested in our RFID Application and System Center, and benefit from the insights we've gained in working with our customers in real-world application environments."

A Solution for High Memory RFID Applications. The G2iM and G2iM+ are the newest additions to NXP's breakthrough UCODE i-Series for UHF, and feature scalable EPC memory and extended user memory, up to 640 bits. The user memory can be segmented and protected with passwords, restricting access for increased security. This unique feature is particularly useful when several parties need access to the memory, but with different privileges.

For example, in a production environment, the quality and assembly departments can use different areas of the memory to store data; similarly, in vehicle and asset tagging systems, local and state government authorities can use different areas, each protected by different passwords. Open memory access is also available for applications that don't require this level of security.

The G2iM+ extends functionality to offer a multitude of optional features for theft deterrence, such as a product status flag, tag tamper notification and a digital switch feature, as well as privacy protection options such as Real Read Range Reduction (4R) and a battery mode to dramatically improve read and write sensitivity.

With 128 bits of EPC memory, the UCODE G2iM has 640 bits of user memory and 96 bits in the Tag Identifier memory (TID). The EPC memory is scalable to 448 bits on the G2iM+.

High Speed, High Reliability in Dense Tag EnvironmentsThe high-speed ICODE ILT smart label IC is based on the popular Gen2 protocol, and enables read speeds of 700 tags per second -- 11x the speed of previous offerings -- with excellent reliability, even in dense tag populations and at fast conveyer-belt speeds.

The fast anti-collision speed also enables a high degree of tracking automation, particularly in applications requiring the identification of closely coupled items which would otherwise be difficult to process due to interference. Target applications include medical and healthcare applications such as surgery sponge detection and patient wrist band identification; pharmaceutical ePedigree applications for anti-counterfeiting, product authentication and brand protection; document tracking applications, even with closely situated files and folders; casino applications for automated counting of stacks of chips; and laundry automation.

The ICODE ILT is the first smart label IC of its kind compliant with ISO18000-3M3, and offers a best-in-class cost-performance ratio. Worldwide harmonization of ISM band regulations enable hassle-free global use of the ICODE ILT smart label IC. The ICODE ILT also provides a well-defined reading area which delivers precise location detection, as well as a password-protected privacy mode.

The UCODE G2iM and G2iM+ products are currently sampling, with volume production scheduled to start in Q2.

Additional information on the UCODE G2iM and G2iM+ is available at: http://www.nxp.com/products/identification_and_security/smart_label_and_tag_ics/ucode/

Further information ICODE ILT is available at: http://www.nxp.com/products/identification_and_security/smart_label_and_tag_ics/icode/

Engineering samples of the ICODE ILT are also currently available, with production starting later this year.

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