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Sitronics fights against traffic jams

Sitronics has won a competition to develop Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), told to Vedomosti several businessmen working in the field of transport.

This information was confirmed by a senior official of the City Hall and Vice President of Sitronics Irina Lanina.

Company by the end of the year will develop the concept of ITS and create a single point of traffic control, said a people awared of the project. On the implementation of ITS in 2011, the budget will be allocated 6.257 billion rubles ($210 mln of US Dollars), according to the Moscow transport program.

The fund Sitronics receives at the end of the year, when it performed the work, they told to Vedomosti.

The people close to City Hall tells us that Sitronics will upgrade the existing traffic light control system of traffic "Start" (to be purchased new traffic signals, detectors, systems of video registration) and public transport management system (to equip Moscow's public transportation company "Mosgortrans" with navigating equipment).

"To be a honest, yet it is only the upgrade of the existing system", - said Alexander Ovanesov a partner of Strategy Partners. Contract with Moscow is comparable in size with quarterly revenues of Sitronics. Collaboration Sitronics with Moscow began to develop only recently, said Lanina.

Until now, the company had, in fact, only one major Moscow contract - with the underground to supply contactless travel (about $100 million per year). 

Major international companies have not been invited to bid, complains a top manager of the International Traffic Consortium (brings together developers of systems and software for the transport sector - Singapore AA Traffic, French STI and British Verrus).

TSODD (ЦОД - Traffic Control Center) was not comment on that.

The bid was not public, participants were required to have permits from the Federal Security Service, FSB to work with government roads, "says a people closed to the City Hall.

City Hall official said that the subsidiary of AFK Sistema - "Navigation and Information Systems" - a feasibility study for one of the main components of the new transport system - a single control center for managing passenger transport, as well as a federal system operator "Glonass" necessary for its operation.

Source: http://www.vedomosti.ru




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