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The State Archive of Perm Region has completed the first phase of the RFID system deployment to fund inventory based on ERFID company solution

We previously wrote about the FileTrail solution for archives. Similar to this solution, the State Archive of Perm Region has successfully completed the first phase of transfer to an RFID system for fund inventory.

Software and hardware of this system was developed by ERFID, the immediate deployment of the project performed by regional partner of the company - Permian system integrator - Empire.

The main activities of the State Archive of Perm Region is to preserve and files inventory of backlog of Perm Region.
The archive contains more than one million items.

One of the key challenges facing the management of the State Archive has been the introduction of automation systems to optimize the record objects to process information more convenient for consumers to minimize paperwork and improve the safety of fund. In the search for optimal solutions specialists of the State Archive of Perm region interested in experience of implementing radio frequency identification, or RFID technology uniquely identify physical objects using RFID tags. In particular, great interest was the implementation of this system in the Vatican Library.

During the year a lot of work has been done to study the technical details and feasibility of similar systems in the Russian environment. The surveys demonstrated that domestic companies are quite capable of such projects on a worldwide common practice. Proof of this is the deployment of radio frequency identification for inventory of book collections in the Russian State Library.

The introduction of RFID-enabled solutions allowed to Archive to reduce time spent on the inventory of assets more than tenfold. In conducting RFID inventory no longer need to remove documents from the shelves, so that one employee can handle more than 10,000 items per hour. Also greatly simplified the process of finding the desired file.

In addition, the archive has been equipped with special equipment, automatically tracking the movement of each stored item. These devices check if they allow the subject to removal from the archive - prohibited to removal of the objects will be immediately detected by the system and will trigger audible and visual alarm.

Based on the positive results of the first phase of the radio frequency identification objects, the management of the State Archive of Perm Region is planning to automate with its assistance the maximum number of processes and transit all the fund on the inventory by using RFID technology.

ERFID company - system integrator, an experienced expert in the field of RFID technology, an active member of associations that establish international and Russian standards in this area, such as RUSNANO, EPC Global and GS1 Rus, Russian Committee on Standardization TK355 "automatic identification and data capture technologies and biometrics ".

Source: http://pr.cnews.ru




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