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Ascendent ID secures RFID reader to tag communication

Ascendent ID is addressing security concerns for users who want long range RFID without the risk of data being compromised due to unsecured reader to tag communication.

The provider of RFID for automatic vehicle identification recently announced a wireless encryption option for its family of readers and tags.

New features include the ability to secure transmission between the reader and tag to prevent unauthorized cloning or eavesdropping of sensitive data.

Ascendent ID’s new security option utilizes advanced encryption standard (AES) to access the tag memory and uses the contents of the memory to authenticate the tag.

The readers are also programmed and configured with user defined AES keys. This ensures data stored in the tag memory remains secure and only accessible by authorized personnel.

The secure tag identification and validation system is geared towards application such as access control, stored value transactions and shipping container tracking and security.

The encryption option is compatible with all models of Ascendent ID’s readers and tags.

Source: http://www.rfidnews.org




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