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RYB launches RFID pipe detection system, trials at GDF-Suez

RYB, a French provider in utility networks and piping, recently got together with CEA-Leti research laboratories to launch an RFID-based wireless detection and communication system for underground assets and other piping networks.

Coined the name ELIOT (Equipment for Localization and Identification by Object Technology), the wireless detection technology utilizes RFID tags integrated directly in piping or network parts.

Detection can made up to 1.5 meters underground, even through tar, sand, dirt, rocks, dry and wet. The system also provides traceability and enhances the maintenance of piping networks to reduce industrial risks and costs associated with accidental cutting or breakage.

A signal measured on the surface accurately described the detected pipe which avoids interference in the event of multiple networks nearby. No power supply is required and information stored in the technology can range to include data such as the detected network type (i.e. water, oil, or gas), manufacturing date, installation date, serial number, diameter, and nominal pressure.

Trials of the ELIOT system have also recently been conducted at GDF-Suez, a French multinational energy company operating in the field of gas and water distribution.

Source: http://www.rfidnews.org




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