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CorDEX launches RFID based pipeline corrosion tool

CorDEX Instruments unveiled the CorDEX UT5000 intrinsically safe ultrasonic RFID handheld tester, designed for testing and detecting corrosion in pipeline networks.

The UT5000 uses RFID technology to locate and log up to 1,000 measurements, each linked to a specific location, date and time.

The handheld also measures metal thickness for non-destructive testing on pipes and fixed equipment within hazardous locations and builds a predictive maintenance program to improve safety.

The device can be used for days or weeks in the field before the data is downloaded.

And with the power of RFID technology, it can build the robust report required to identify and trend developing trouble spots.

In addition, the device features a “corrosion mode” which helps identify thinning spots and MultiECHO technology improves measurement accuracy on uneven surfaces.

Source: http://www.rfidnews.org




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