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MSR-FSR partners with InvoTech to streamline laundry operations

InvoTech Systems has deployed its GIMS laundry system with ultra-high frequency RFID technology at two MSR-FSR laundry facilities responsible for processing an average of 112,000 pounds per month of cleanroom garments for its industry clients.

As part of the deployment, InvoTech installed Impinj ultra-high frequency RFID readers in key locations at MSR-FSR’s New Mexico and Oregon laundry facilities.

The solution enables entire laundry carts of soiled or clean items to be automatically identified, counted and processed at each step of MSR-FSR’s process.

InvoTech’s GIMS RFID asset tracking system automatically tracks and reports the movement of hundreds of class 10 cleanroom articles per minute, to and from the laundry.

GIMS records how often an item has been cleaned, what chemicals were used, at what temperatures the dryer was set, and where every piece of inventory is located.

The GIMS system also includes Fujitsu ultra-high frequency RFID laundry tags provided by Fujitsu Frontech North America.
The solution logs quantities of laundered items and reduces over-counts and over-charges from laundries.

Source: http://www.rfidnews.org




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