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TagMaster develops support tool for remote RFID upgrade

TagMaster announced the launch of a support tool that would enable the company to perform remote system software upgrades on its long-range RFID readers.

The system software field upgrade tool covers both the LR series 2.45 GHz and the XT series ultra-high frequency EPC Gen 2, for the latest version of the system software.

The TagMaster tool makes it possible to upgrade a reader by downloading the latest system software version from a file transfer protocol server managed by TagMaster. With internet access, this operation is performed intuitively and quickly.

The TagMaster LR series and XT series use the same controller platform based on a Linux operating system and provide reliability across various climatic zones and in demanding applications.

With the support to clone the readers copying configuration from one reader to the next, large installations are easily set up. With such functionality as frequency hopping which avoids interference from other radio transmissions, TagMaster is greatly appreciated by satisfied integrators and end users.

With this new platform, TagMaster can provide its partners, system integrators and end users with the technology and support to keep their products upgraded with the latest functionality and features.

Source: http://www.rfidnews.org




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