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InvoTech announces the GIMS UHF-RFID linen and uniform tracking system

InvoTech announced the launch of its GIMS ultra-high frequency RFID uniform and inventory control system.

Designed for hotels, casinos and theme parks, the system provides greater accountability of linens and uniforms by automatically tracking thousands of items per minute - tracking shipped and received linens and uniforms from laundries, and monitors inventory levels a property’s storerooms.

Durable RFID laundry tags - able to withstand the rigorous laundry process - are fitted in pouches sewn into linens and uniforms and are tracked by RFID reader in key locations around a property.

This allows the system to track items via electronic scanning, thereby eliminating tedious hand sorting and counting methods.

Backed with the power of RFID, the InvoTech system scans, and inventories and generates reports for entire carts of linens or uniforms at one time.

It also maintains a real-time record of where each piece is located, whether in storage, the laundry, or in use.

Source: http://www.rfidnews.org




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