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Albis Technologies protects museums and art galleries via RFID technology

Museums and art galleries across Europe are revamping their surveillance and anti-theft systems to protect valuable works of art with active RFID-based object security solutions from Albis Technologies.

With RFID technology, the Albis system monitors each object or display, protecting them from not only criminal activity and theft, but also by ensuring their prolonged existence.

The system measures and monitors temperature, humidity, and sudden movements - anything out of the norm triggers an alert notification through the active RFID technology.

Paintings, sculptures, tapestries or valuable manuscripts exhibited in museums and galleries, remain in safe and in pristine condition at all times, whether they are on permanent display or part of a temporary exhibition.

The solution can monitor conditions anywhere throughout an entire museum, including archives, restoration rooms, storage facilities, entrances, exits and prohibited areas.

Incidents or alarm signals transmitted from the active RFID system can be forwarded to, or integrated into, any existing intrusion/theft alarm reporting system.

Source: http://www.rfidnews.org




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