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Time study supports Fair Labor Law using RFID technology

A recent study in accommodation of the Fair Labor and Standards Act illustrates how RFID technology can be used to protect against possible wage and hour violations, using real-time reporting to monitor actual employee time patterns.

Using passive RFID technology developed by Queralt Inc., the two day study monitored the time it took factory employees to walk to and from their workstations, also tracking employee movements during their work shift and providing measurements of their travel times.

More than 250 workers were provided an RFID tag when they started their eight-hour shift, which was then collected at the end of their shift.

By passing through key check point locations a passive reader detected their start time and then upon reaching their work station another reader detected that time.

Queralt’s iQ3 framework allowed officials to gather and report on a real-time basis the information recorded by the implemented the solution.

Queralt software also used the data generated from the study that in the future can be used to increase production and employee efficiency.

Source: http://www.rfidnews.org




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