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RFID tags manufacturers in Russia and CIS

Russia: With assistance of state corporation Rusnano in Russia 3 independent manufactures have been created:

The first one is Galileo Nanotech (historically) realized together with Italian company Galileo Vacuum Systems SPA (a total project cost: 43 mln. euro.), the share of Rusnano - 21 mln. euro. The expected volume of manufacturing from above 1 billion tags a year.

The second project - RST-Invent have realized in St.-Petersburg together with the company «Group of the companies Systematica». The budget of the project will be 630 million roubles, including investments from Rusnano in volume of 190 million roubles. Supposed, that new manufacture will be placed in St.-Petersburg. In 2015 its production capacity on labels PatchTag will be above 1,3 million pieces a year, and on labels iNano – nearby 160 million pieces. The predicted revenue of the company will exceed 800 million roubles.

Also the state corporation creates in St.-Petersburg a batch production of devices and systems on the basis of acoustoelectric and chemisorption assembles, including gauges of pressure and deformation, assembling of radio-frequency identification (RFID), high-frequency strip filters and gas alarms. The initiator of the project is Open Society "Avangard". The total project budget is estimated in 1,24 bns of roubles, contribution of Rusnano will make 550 million roubles. The beginning of release of finished goods is planned for 2012. The output of the project on planned targets is expected in 2015.

JSC "Micron", located in Zelenograd near the Moscow, as of today is the largest manufacturer of RFID-tickets and a smart-cards in Russia as it is known under brand Sitronics (belongs to AFK System) and make cards for the Moscow underground on the basis of Mifare ICs.

Belarus: the Scientifically-engineering republican unitary enterprise "the Interbranch centre of science-practical systems of identification and electronic business operations" the Name of the project: the Organization of a domestic production of integrated microcircuits for radio-frequency labels (RFID-labels), the equipment for their processing, as well as creation on their basis of intellectual documents and systems of items logistics monitoring. Cost of the project: on creation of industrial base, release of a batch production (input readers, aerials, labels) – nearby $100 mln. for development and introduction of the automated systems of various purpose – nearby $50-100 million.

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