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TagMaster traffic control installed at the island of Capri in Italy

Swedish technology company, TagMaster, has been called upon for an automatic vehicle identification installation on the medieval island city of Capri in Italy.

Long range RFID readers from TagMaster are used to identify vehicles driving by at various locations throughout the city.

Information is then relayed to the management system which is used to control the actual traffic flow.

Parameters such as read range and area can be adjusted over time to adjust to any change in traffic or number of pedestrians.

Traffic control is used in many ways to limit and to facilitate a more efficient traffic flow to protect both the environment and to support safe streets for pedestrians to travel on.

TagMaster’s long term partner, Generale Sistemi and their systems integrating partner Zucchetti SpA div. Kronotech will be handling the installation.

Source: http://www.rfidnews.org




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