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Clavis reconnects North and South Korea through RFID

The Ministry of Unification has selected Clavis Technologies to install an RFID-enabled asset tracking system to monitor computer assets owned by the 122 South Korean manufacturers in the Gaoseong Industrial Complex, located in North Korea.

The MOU is a branch of the South Korean government responsible for working towards reuniting South and North Korea, and bringing the two under one government.

With the Clavis system in place, MOU officials are able to manage and update data, verify the current status of assets entering and exiting the system, and connect the data through the process of registering computer information and confirming RFID data in Seoul and the physical assets in Gaeseong’s remote locations.

After installing the new system, the Ministry has begun the checking of computer systems and important strategic goods to protect against theft, and plans to expand into other strategic goods, like appliances, machines and gas tanks.

The ministry also plans to expand the Clavis installation by connecting to the Korean Customs Service systems and creating a tracking system to hold the information for all government agencies.

Source: http://www.rfidnews.org




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