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RST-Invent - The new UHF tags manufacturer and developer of RFID solutions in the Russian market

March 24, 2010 Board of Directors' of Systematic Group together with the Supervisory Board of JSC «Rusnano» decided to create a project company at RFID technology - LLC «RST-Invent». As contribution by the applicant of the project company "Systematics" served patents, utility models and developments. JSC "Rusnano" on its part has provided funding for the development of a joint project in the amount of 190 million rubles ($ 3.3 mln.) with a total project budget of 630 million rubles ($ 21 mln.).

The main purpose of the founders was to create a national company - the manufacturer and developer of UHF RFID chips compatible to standard EPC class 1 gen.2 based on 90 nm technology and production based on these UHF RFID tags. The new production facility located in Vsevolozhsk area near St. Petersburg and its launch is planned for late 2011 - early 2012. The basis of the chip installation process and tags production will be the most modern equipment based on automated production lines from leading manufacturers of equipment for the production of tags.

"RST-Invent" will begin its operations to produce labels on UHF chips of one of the world's leading manufacturers of electronic components NXP and then move to the manufacture of UHF tags based on chips of its own design.

In accordance with the production plans by 2015 its installed capacity for PatchTag production will be more than 1.3 million units per year and for tags, stickers iNano - about 160 million units. According to forecasts of revenue of the project company should exceed 800 million rubles ($27 mln). It is expected that the Russian chips will also significantly expand the use of RFID-based solutions to public sector, including law enforcement agencies.

"The modern national RFID chip would allow domestic tags manufacturers to reduce costs and RFID-solutions integrators to expand of existing and find new markets. We assume that developed in a joint venture with RUSNANO integrated RFID-solutions are demand not only by our customers but also can be used by Russian technology integrators as the basis for their projects, "- commented the decision of the President of the Group of Companies Systematics Leonid Goldenberg.

The company is an official partner of the world's largest manufacturers of RFID equipment, including such companies as Alien Technology, Avery Dennison, Confidex, Impinj, NordicID, NXP, UPM RFID and exclusive importer of ATID products in Russia, allowing it to offer a wide range of RFID industry solutions.

Besides the production of tags, the company plans to take the lead developers of complete solutions based on RFID technology, taking in to attention the vast experience in this field.

Along with their own designs of antennas, tags and UHF range readers, the existing group of high-action specialists and a large backlog in the development of RFID equipment in the company's assets - more than 80 successfully implemented RFID projects in various areas of business. The company's clients are the large industrial enterprises, libraries, archives, jewelry industry and merchants. 

Company's choice of a range of RFID high frequency (863-868 MHz) certified in the Russian Federation also is not accidental. RST-Invent plans to make full use of all the technological advantages of the UHF compared to conventional solutions for high and low technologies: much cheaper tags, long-range reading and writing data than in the low and high frequencies as well as a unique opportunity to read a one-time large numbers of tags by a single reader.

Guarantee the quality of products and solutions from the RST-Invent is also the fact that the company is part of the Russian and international organizations to develop RFID standards: GS1, EPCglobal Inc. also a Drafting Committee of the Russian standards for radio frequency identification of the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology of the Russian Technology RFID Platform.

At the moment, equipment manufacturers and end-users of RFID solutions use technological capabilities of UHF still so far from overall.
There is considerable potential for further development and the design of a broader range of solutions based on it.  The world's leading manufacturers of RFID equipment and solutions based on it strong focus on active development and market introduction of RFID technology based on UHF.

By the join to the development of this direction in our country at the earliest stages of the UHF RFID market, RST Invent intends to become one of the determining factors in this development.

In our following articles we will tell you more about the production of domestic tags and some examples of successful integration of UHF RFID solutions in the Russian market.




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