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RFID monitors noise emissions at German high-speed race tracks

The Nürburgring Motorsport Complex in Nürburg, Germany recently installed an RFID-based solution to identify vehicles that exceed the permissible noise limits and enable immediate intervention.

Leveraging the SensorSMART Platform from Identec Solutions, the web-based system effectively measures noise emissions from race cars in real-time.

The complex’s internet server features a list of participants which are constantly updated with information provided from the RFID sensors in the vehicles.

The SensorSMART Platform consists of active RFID tags, sensors, readers and edgeware for the application’s network. All race cars are equipped with an Identec Solutions sensor which transmits an identification number every 0.5 seconds.

With the high-speed solution Nürburgring is able to fully automate stations to collect and map the level of sound intensity. The automated detection reduces tedious administrative procedures and enables real time control and immediate and appropriate situation response.

Source: http://www.rfidnews.org




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