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Lawrence Berkeley Labs taps AssetPulse to track high value lab equipment

Lawrence Berkeley National Labs has partnered with AssetPulse to deploy an RFID asset tracking solution to track and manage its lab equipment.

Lawrence Berkeley owns specialized high value equipment such as vacuum pumps. These assets are loaned by inventory personnel to lab scientists and visiting scientists whenever it is requested.

The RFID solution from AssetPulse allow inventory personnel to quickly locate equipment, and keep track of equipment as it moves between different buildings at the prestigious facility.

Prior to the deployment of RFID, a manual process of inventorying and locating equipment was used. If equipment couldn’t be located, in cases of an emergency, the equipment would be purchased or leased for thousands of dollars.

With active RFID, inventory personnel can scan their entire inventory from all floors of the building, which is useful because they do not necessarily have permission to enter all of the labs within the facility.

Using a mobile active RFID reader, personnel can just walk by closed labs and still read the tagged assets inside.

Source: http://www.rfidnews.org




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