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ERFID introduces a new integrated RFID-solution for automation of the warehouse

ERFID introduces new complex solution for the automation of inventory based on RFID technology. This solution allows multiple save time handling, to ensure full transparency of the warehouse routines and to minimize the number of errors caused by human factor.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) - a technology of unique identification of physical objects using RF tags. The implementation of RFID system in the warehouse makes it possible to identify up to 100 items per second. In addition, each of them recognized by the system "as a particular item" using a unique identifier EPC code recorded on a RFID tag's chip. Reading the information from tags is remote and the tagged objects do not even need to remove from its packaging. The system is capable to perform a group accounting for items directly within the boxes or pallets.

RFID technology allows to:

  • perform an inventory on a daily basis;
  • collect large orders for just a several minutes;
  • perform a quick search and sorting of items;
  • supervise the loading and unloading;
  • automatically prepare all the necessary documents at the time of order collecting;
  • minimize the number of errors;
  • reduce staff costs;
  • quickly identify "bottlenecks" in the warehouse;
  • fight against theft;

The key advantage of RFID-solution from the company ERFID are simplicity of deployment, scalability and rich functionality. The solution includes RFID tags for items tagging, reading equipment and special software.

It is fully integrated with any accounting system of the customer thus avoiding errors due to unfamiliar interface or database changes during the transition to new technologies. The system created by ERFID professionals does not require special skills and is available to learn by warehouse employees who do not have technical training.

In the first stage products to be considered must be tagged by RFID tags. They are applied to items as conventional labels.
Recording information to labels and its binding to the accounting system is simple as a click.

Further work process is even simpler: The system automatically counts items placed in the read zone. All information on items displayed on a computer screen - the operator has the ability to track the current list of products available. When placing an order the system compares that list with a list required and sends a signal informing what exactly should be added or removed, and after all necessary actions will be executed, the system automatically prepare a full set of documents - it will only need to print.

In order to maximize the quality and inventory control ERFID's professionals using along this decision several types of readers. To control the movement of goods have been designed portal fixed readers that are installed at the entrance to the warehouse. Desktop fixed readers used to account the objects in a warehouse. These devices can be used to write the RFID tags, to collect the orders, receiving and sorting goods.
With the assistance of a mobile inventory suit supplied by ERFID an inventory can be conducted without need to remove items from the shelves, quickly and error free.

Additional features of solution can be implemented using of virtual readers. These readers are perceived by the customer's accounting system as a separate independent unit and allow using a single "physical" reader simultaneously to perform several different tasks. For example, if a reader is installed in the aisle, it can not only record the movement of goods, but also keep records of staff working hours and work also as an anti-theft system. Through the use of virtual readers a few people can operate a single "physical" reader. Each of the employees can use one of the 4 antennas connected to the reader for its own tasks: acceptance of goods in 1C accounting system, ​​ordering, labeling, etc.

To learn more about the company's solution, please visit ERFID http://www.erfid.ru/warehouse.html




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