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Ascendent ID develops RFID-based material tracking system for mining industry

Ascendent ID unveiled its RFID-based material tracking system for the mining industry, designed to automate previously labor intensive and error prone transactions.

Trucks carrying ore and other mining materials are equipped with long-range, rewritable RFID tags. Information such as the date, time, product, loaders number and site location are all automatically written to the tag memory by a reader installed at the loading areas or on the loaders, as well at the truck scale or dump site.

Employing RFID technology, information is automatically transferred to a central system which eliminates a lot of wasted time and the potential errors associated with traditional paper tickets and manual entry.

The system also allows for the driver to remain safe and focused on driving the vehicle, and not doing paperwork and keeping records. The system can also be expanded to provide increased site security for vehicle access into pit mines, plants, and yards since the same tags used for material tracking can also be used to grant vehicle access into secured areas.

Source: http://www.rfidnews.org




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