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Firearm manufacturer installs RFID for speedy inspections, Italy

Italian gun manufacturer Chiappa Firearms is using RFID technology to streamline inspections and enhance inventory control, according to Security Management.

A RFID chip will be installed inside the grip area and will have identifying information such as its proofing certification, as required by the Italian Government for all firearms made in Italy.

The chip will also carry other relevant information including the name of the manufacturer, or a serial number that links back to the preceding information in a database.

Prior to the RFID implementation, Italian proofing inspectors had to manually open each box for approval. They would stamp it and then seal it back so the company can export them all and, through the process, they would have to keep track of it.

The U.S. Government currently uses RFID in guns to track when diplomatic security personnel check weapons in and out of the armory. However, the technology is not used to track the whereabouts of a weapon purchased by a person in normal commercial transactions.

Chiappa says the RFID will be used for inventory purposes only, and that it can only be read from inches away.

Source: http://www.rfidnews.org




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